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Anagama Related Sites / Woodfire Potters:

  • Dick Lehman: D.L. was extremely helpful and generous to this project. At his (very well crafted) website, you can find out about his pottery and read many of his numerous publications.

  • Kanzaki Shiho's site contains a great deal of information, as well as links to many other anagama references.

  • Robert Yellin's Articles about Furutani Michio are a "must read". R.Y. runs e-yakimono and offers an online encyclopedia of Japanese pottery (as well as the opportunity to own examples). We consulted R.Y.'s site frequently for background information relevent to the translation.

  • Furutani Michio: Anagama: Building Kilns and Firing (in Japanese), published by Rikogakusha (Rikogakusha's pottery books).

  • Arthur Rosser has built an impressive collection of woodfire links, and more importantly, an ingenious Anagama.

  • Simon Levin thoughtfully pursues the imprint of fire on his pottery. His interview for the Firing Log Podcast is informative and interesting.

  • Malcolm Greenwood Australian potter who made the transition from respectable work to full time potter almost two decades ago. He fires gas fired functional ware and distinctive wood fired works as well. Check out his interview for the Firing Log Podcast.

  • Gas Kimishima, originally from Japan and now living in England, is highly knowledgeable about medieval Japanese wood fired pottery and is a kiln builder and potter to boot. Gas was interviewed for the Firing Log Podcast.

Misc Sites:

  • Pacific Northwest historical weather data. This is an amazing tool with powerful plotting and graphing functions which allow customized data sets.

Link Exchange:

  • Seiz Art Pottery. Hand-thrown Art Pottery produced in the Arts & Crafts and Prairie School style of the Teco Art Pottery.


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