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Firing the Kiln

Fourth Firing (Mar's Landers'), Page 2
Jan 28, 2004 (12:01 am) - Feb 2, 2004 (7:30 pm)

chimney fire The next several pictures are about fire - perhaps the chimney shots are too frequently shown in sites regarding anagama kilns ... but I do this for the fire in the first place. Besides, the next several pictures show a nice progression from "jet flame" to "raging tower of energy".

chimney fire

chimney fire

chimney fire

chimney fire That is a true 6' flame (1.8 m).

pull Here is one of Isac's pieces pulled out to test glaze buildup. The clay is B-Mix - it seems to react nicely to being pulled out at peak temperature.

Aside from the piece, I'm struck by the surface of the brick it sits on. If I fired it a few more times, I could use it as a chunky plate.

burnt gloves We offer the kiln god rice and liquor of various varieties. It seems he also craves leather - in this firing, he ate two gloves completely and took a nice bite out of these.

Mt. Baker As always, must get a shot of our local active volcano: Mt. Baker.

one sunny day I also like this view from the pit. Mt. Baker is in the same direction as the cloud you see to the right of the chimney. You can also see our platform behind the chimney. The kiln has no dampers. When it is time to shutdown the kiln, I stand on the platform and place a kiln shelf over the chimney mouth.

flame crown A cone with a crown of fire. If only I could have held the camera steadier.

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