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Building the Kiln

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Pouring concrete. This was painful. My forms moved and we had to stop with them only half full.

Fortunately, I had other places ready to pour cement in the event of an emergency. Perhaps less emergency planning and better bracing/pouring a footing would have been wiser.

Luckily, Lowe's had a sale on pre-mix.

But of course, that meant more shovel work to top off the forms.

Mt. Baker again. I wish there were enough clouds to cover everything. It was a hot summer for this work.

Here I am laying some bricks on a small slab I poured. This will be the foundation under the front of the kiln. That gap is not for air - it is for drainage.

And from another angle.

This is on the slab I poured with the extra concrete. This slab will partially underlay sutema and fully underlay the endou and chimney. For perspective, this is the exhaust system behind the kiln.

This shot shows the brick base of the kiln front taking shape. If the picture was taller, the slab I mentioned above would be visible at the top.

This picture was shot from exactly where the front of the kiln will be. You can see the work area taking shape behind me.

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